If you need to ask me anything, then feel free to drop me an email at rachelsreallyrandomreviews@gmail.com However, to save you a little time I 
thought I would answer a few questions you might have here! 

Will you review my book?

Possibly! It all depends on if I have the time, if I like the sound of your book, and if i'm currently human or in my werewolf state. Please make sure you refer to my review policy before submitting a request, as there are certain genres I never accept.

Why haven't you replied to my email?

I'm pretty terrible at replying to emails! Sometimes I just won't check them for weeks. As I get so many requests, I sometimes read an email and then completely forget to reply. It's a terrible habit that i'm trying to fix but that's just the way I am. I will of course always reply if I like the sound of your book and want to review it, so if you haven't received a reply within two weeks, it probably means that I am unable to review it for one of the reasons stated above.

Do you review self published/indie books?

Yes! I love reading books that aren't as popular as those that are traditionally published, so no matter if your book has been published by a small publishing company, or if it doesn't have a publisher at all, then feel free to still drop me an email.

Do you accept ebooks?

Of course! Although I do prefer a good old fashioned paperback, I know the expense that can go into sending these, particularly for self published authors. I always read ebooks off a kindle, so if you're going to send one over then please make sure that it is in mobi format!

Can I contribute a guest post to your blog?

Of course! I only ask that it does a little more than shamelessly promote your book. However, if, for example, your book focuses on LGBT issues and you want to write a post on this and also refer back to your book, then you are free to do this!

Can I do a Q&A?

Yep! I usually just write out some questions that I think are interesting and email them to you, but I also encourage authors to write questions themselves if there's any points they want to bring up. 

What will I get from your review?

An honest review from me of course! But here are a few more details of what I do for every review.

  • An honest review of at least 500 words (I will also post to Goodreads or Amazon upon request)
  • The cover of your book displayed at the top of the review
  • An overall rating out of five
  • Links to websites where the book can be purchased
  • A picture of the book (or the book cover displayed on my kindle if it's an ebook) on my Instagram account
  • A tweet to my 1k+ followers with a link to the review. I also frequently promote the book further via twitter.

When will you post the review?

It all depends on how busy I am and how huge my current TBR pile is. Occasionally my pile will be so huge that I will either reject the book on those grounds, or otherwise I will let you know that it could take a while to get the review posted. Under normal circumstances I try to post the review within a month of receiving the book, but occasionally it can take a lot longer, so please be patient!  I do however prioritise ARCS, so if you send over an ARC, I will do my best to post a review close to the release day.

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What are your favourite genres?

I adore fantasy books! I will however review all genres of YA, although I tend to avoid contemporary romance if it sounds cliche and unoriginal.

Do you want to be my friend and talk to me about books?


Do you have anywhere I can contact you other than through your blog or email?

 Is that the end of this FAQ?