Monday 16 January 2012

Random Update

Just thought i'd update this blog seeing as I haven't in a while. Soo what have I been up to? Well i've finally finished my English essay which means I have a little more free time although I have to start on a brand new reading setlist. I probably won't do reviews on them seeing as i'm probably going to stick to reviewing childrens and young adult books seeing as those are the ones that interest me most, and the novels I will have to read for my American Literature course are probably going to be boring. If I find one that I think is worth a review though who knows? Right now i'm in the middle of Evil Star which is the second novel in the Power of Five series. I'm enjoying it so far and it seems to be as good if not better than Ravens Gate. I will be doing a review on it once i've finished it. I may not have time to read books not on my set list as often as I would like, so it may mean less reviews and more of me talking about my boring life and complaining about work. Right now i'm writing up a new chapter for the fanfiction i'm working on, but i'm planning on getting back to my book before I decide to go to sleep, so hopefully i'll have a new book review posted by next week.

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