Saturday 24 August 2013

Review on 'The Infernal Devices #1 Clockwork Angel'

In the year 1878, 16 year old Tessa Gray moves to London to live with her brother after the death of her aunt. However, things are not as they seem, as instead of her brother, Tessa is greeted by two strange women known only as The Dark Sisters. Tessa soon finds out the truth about these two women, and realizes that her brother has gone missing. With the help of the London Shadowhunters, including best friends Will and Jem, Tessa must uncover the truth about the disappearance of her brother, and what she really is.

As most Young Adult novels that I have read recently have been either contemporary or dystopian, I felt that this novel being set in the past was an interesting and welcoming change. I decided to read this book after enjoying The Mortal Instruments series and loving the Shadowhunter world, and thought this addition was interesting and exciting. I loved the characters, particularly Will and Jem. Although at first I thought that I would prefer Will, as he is seems similar to Jace in The Mortal Instruments, I ended up loving Jem too as he is just the most sweet and adorable thing and I ended up wishing that he wasn’t fictional! There are some heart wrenching moments, particularly the reason why Jem is sick. There is a love triangle in this book between Tessa, Will and Jem, but for this book at least, it did not seem to be the main focus point, and the action outweighed the romance. If you are a fan of The Mortal Instruments, or even if you are just interested in a Young Adult book set in the past then you should give this one a go.

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