Wednesday 28 May 2014

City of Heavenly Fire Book Launch

So yesterday I went to the City of Heavenly Fire book launch in London! As I only started reading series about two years ago, I have never had the opportunity to go to one of these events before, but as it is the last book in the series, when I got invited to go I just couldn't turn down this opportunity!

I invited my best friend and parabatai Katie to the event, (you can find her post about it here) The main stage was set up so that we could get runes drawn on us, or get our nails done.

 As there were around 500 people at the event and both the queues were quite long, we decided to opt for the runes. After all, what is a Shadowhunter without their runes? That's right, a mundane.

. We were then able to get our photos taken with two (very attractive) Shadowhunters.

Our host from Walker Books did a great job of keeping us entertained while we waited in the queues, by encouraging us to tweet about the event and reading out some tweets. We even managed to get #TMIParty trending Worldwide!  There were also different messages flashing up on the screen such as book quotes and questions to get everyone involved

It was then time for a video message from Cassandra Clare herself, who sadly was unable to attend the event, but who did read out an extract of the book for us.

 We then had a screening of the City of Bones movie. It was an amazing atmosphere to watch the movie with other fans. It is socially accepted to be quiet when you see a movie in the cinema, and people never react, even when something shocking happens. However, this was not a cinema, and we were allowed to fangirl as much as we wanted. We were allowed to scream over Luke (because let's face it Aidan Turner is gorgeous) and ship Malec till our hearts were content.

After the movie was over, tensions were again rising, as it was finally time to receive our copies of the book! Along with the book, we were also given a City of Heavenly Fire postcard and a City of Bones journal.

I decided to admire it on my bookshelf. I encountered the dreaded problem of the book being bigger than the rest of the series but I guess i'm just going to have to deal with that.

I am now going to go start the book! I'm slightly upset that this is the last book as I have loved reading this series, but I am also excited to find out how it all ends. Besides, we all have The Dark Artifices to look forward to right? A review will be posted once the emotional trauma I am going to go through has faded.

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