Tuesday 28 October 2014

Review on 'Storykiller'

When 17 year old Tessa Battle moves to a new high school, her life changes forever. Stories are real, and live in another dimension. Tessa is The Last Scion, the only Mortal who is able to kill Stories. Although she tries to reject her destiny, Tessa is pulled into the world of Stories, and must face up to who she is. With the help of her new friends Micah and Brand, and stories such as Robin Hood and The Snow Queen, Tessa must find out the truth behind who in the story world is trying to kill her.

I loved the idea behind this story and thought it was interesting and original. Tessa is a brilliant protagonist, and shows that girls can fight just as well as boys. I loved the friendship between Micah and Brand, as it is rare to come across male and female characters who have such a strong platonic friendship. It was a change to see such a loving relationship without romantic feelings developing. I also enjoyed how some of the Stories were fighting their fiction, particularly in the case of Romeo. I have always been an avid fan of fairy tales, and seeing characters such as The Snow Queen and the big bad wolf acting differently to what we have come to learn about them was interesting. Fenris was an interesting character, as throughout the novel it is unclear where his loyalties lie. I adored Fenris, and I found myself hoping that he would turn out to be good despite his history.

I didn't particularly enjoy the romantic subplot, as I thought it was slightly too cheesy. I also thought Tessa and Robin chose strange times to kiss, as personally I would not be thinking about kissing a boy if supernatural creatures were trying to break into my house and kill me. I also dislike love triangles, so I did not enjoy Robin's conflict over wanting to go back to Marian but also wanting to stay with Tessa. I also found the relationship between Brand and The Snow Queen quite strange, as although I loved the platonic friendship between Micah and Brand, I found myself agreeing with Micah that it was slightly weird.

I thought the narrative was strange in places, as although it is written in third person, it seemed to take on a first person style in certain parts. I found the epilogue involving Tessa's mum interesting, and would love to find out more about her intentions. Overall I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of adventure stories or fairy tales. 

Storykiller is now available to purchase in ebook and paperback formats HERE

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