Monday 9 February 2015

Review on 'Dragon Dodgers'

Enrig's dream has always been to be a Runner, so when a group of Runners who call themselves Dragon Dodgers arrive in his town, Enrig can not pass up the opportunity to join them on their quest. However, Enrig soon finds out that the Dodgers, lead by Captain Targon plan on attempting to kill a dragon, the prize being ten thousand spades if they succeed. Captain Targon agrees to let Enrig accompany the group on their mission, but not everything goes to plan.

I accepted to review this book on a whim as it involved dragons, and as anyone who reads my reviews regularly will know, I love dragons. I thought this novella had a great start, as anything that starts out with a great tragedy to force the protagonist into making a decision is always a brilliant way to start off a story. I did however find that the action lagged towards the middle. The novella is a journey story similar to Lord of the Rings, with an ultimate goal at the end. Although the journey would have been perfect for a full length novel, I felt that it dragged on a little too much for a novella, as the main action happened in the last ten pages. I felt there needed to be less build up and more action, as the journey felt more like it should have belonged in a novel.

I thought Enrig was a great protagonist, as although Captain Targon made his goal of becoming a runner difficult, he remained persistent, eventually wearing Targon down enough to agree to accept him onto the team. I also loved that he refused to be called a liar, and faced dangerous consequences to prove to his companions that he had told them the truth.

I loved the ending of the book and found it really shocking as it was the last thing that I was expecting to happen. I'm usually able to tell where a plot is going, and often correctly guess how a story will end, but with Dragon Dodgers I had not expected it to end the way it did at all. I would love to see how Enrig's journey as a runner continues in future novellas. As the series is also expanding into novels, I would also be interested in reading those too. I would recommend this series for fans of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

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