Thursday 23 April 2015

Review on Midnight, Texas #1 Midnight Crossroad

When Manfred Bernardo moves to Midnight, a small town in Texas, he thinks he has found the perfect place to work on his online business from home. That is, until he meets his neighbours, who are far from normal. First there is Fiji, a self proclaimed witch, and Lemuel, a mysterious man who only comes out of his apartment at night, and who seems to have the ability to take energy from other people. Manfred soon becomes aware that all is not as it seems in Midnight when the body of his landlord, Bobo's girlfriend is found. Could Bobo really have killed his long term girlfriend, or could one of the other residents of the small town be responsible? Manfred must help his new friends find out who is responsible for this crime.

Being a fan of previous works by Harris, I was excited to find an email in my inbox asking me if I wanted to review a book in a new series by this author. Midnight Crossroad follows Manfred Bernardo, a young psychic who has recently moved into the small town of Midnight. Although the story had a slow start and was verging on the edge of being boring, I started to enjoy the book more once the murder mystery had started. I always love reading “whodunit” type books, as I love trying to guess who the culprit is. 'Midnight Crossroad' did not disappoint in this aspect. Usually I am able to correctly guess who the perpetrator is, but with this novel, I had no idea who it was until it was revealed.

The characters had potential, but unfortunately I felt that they were under developed. Although Manfred was in his early twenty's, he seemed mature for his age and not very interesting. His psychic abilities never really come into play, so it is unclear if he genuinely has these abilities or if he is just a fraud. I found Lemuel to be an interesting and mysterious character, and I would have loved to have known more about the reasons why he had stayed in Midnight for so many years. I also found Fiji to be one of the more interesting characters, and I would love to see the extent of her powers in future books in this series. As these characters in particular interested me the most, I would love to see more of the Supernatural side to the series.

I loved that every character seemed to have a secret that they were hiding from the rest of the town. Once I thought that I had a good idea what a certain character was about, they would always come back and surprise me. I found the majority of the characters to be unpredictable, and I loved that some of the characters were able to hide big parts of their lives from their unsuspecting neighbours.

Although little happens in the terms of plot, I still found the book an enjoyable read. I would have enjoyed it more if Harris had put more thought into the personality of her characters, as although I found some of the side characters interesting, I didn't particularly care about any of them, and didn't form any type of fondness or hatred for any of them. However, it is definitely worth a read if you enjoy a good murder mystery with a side helping of the supernatural.

Midnight Crossroad is available to purchase HERE, along with all good high street book stores

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  1. Wonderful review. I read it when it released last year and was pretty won by it–though Harris's Lily Bard series is probably her best work to me. Nonetheless, though I had my issues with Midnight Crossroads, I can't wait to get the second book this week. Fiji was my favorite character, and I would love to see more of her. Harris's characters are ruthless; and after reading Sookie, this series has reminded me of that.