Monday 26 October 2015

Review on Last Light Falling #2 Into the Darkness

After Arena’s attempt to overthrow the government, the nation’s government have a renewed hope of winning against the Russian operatives. After reuniting with their friends and family, Arena and Gabe must go on a journey to find a group of fellow rebels known only as the Southern Resistance where they will find safety in numbers. But the journey will be dangerous, and with Russian soldiers hiding everywhere, there is no guarantee that Arena will arrive in one piece.

After reading The Covenant I was excited when author J.E Plemons announced that the second book in the Last Light Falling series was out and immediately requested a copy to review. As it is over a year ago that I read The Covenant I was worried that I would be completely lost, but I quickly picked up on Arena and Gabe’s storyline and wasn’t as confused as I thought I was going to be.

I loved the addition of Alison into their group, as it gave Arena someone to keep safe and made her become a little less reckless in her actions. Arena’s maternal instincts for Alison showed a completely different side to Arena making her seem less like a ruthless killer with no empathy for other humans. I did however still feel as if Arena lacked empathy towards strangers especially towards the end of the novel where she thought the rebels were stupid for not running when the camp was invaded, obviously not thinking about how they were probably terrified. I felt that Arena seemed more like an anti hero, as she cares a lot about the people who matter to her but has little sympathy or patience for strangers.

I felt that Arena’s attraction to Nic was strange, as she obviously didn’t trust him so I felt that it made no sense for her to be attracted to him. The loss of Jacob weighs heavily on Arena, and I thought that the only reason for her feelings could be that she was trying to fill the hole left by Jacob with the first guy that she came across. I did however feel that Nic was a great villain, as although it was unclear at first where his loyalties lay, his misogyny made him instantly dislikable.

Although Arena was smart and didn’t trust any newcomer, I felt it seemed slightly out of character for her to trust Matthew so quickly. Even though she found him attractive and he seemed genuine, Matthew could easily have been leading them into a trap, yet Arena followed him without giving this a second thought. After seeing how wary she was around Nic and after having recently been betrayed, I was expecting her to take a lot longer to warm up to Matthew.

The book was just as action packed as the first one, and Plemons spares non of the gory details. There is a lot of killing, torture and gory descriptions, so I would recommend staying away from this book if you find that upsetting. It shows both how good and how terrible humanity can be, and although the book is set in a post apocalyptic world, it is scarily relevant to what is happening in the world today.

The ending of the book was not what I was expecting at all! It was a huge surprise and left the series on a massive cliffhanger. Nothing is tied up at the end of this book leaving it wide open for what could happen in future instalments, and I definitely want to continue this series to find out what happens.

Into The Darkness is now available to purchase!

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