Friday 18 March 2016

Review on Demon Road

Amber Lamont's life has never been extraordinary. She goes to school and works at the local diner. That is until she turns sixteen and everything changes. After finding out that her parents are demons and are planning on eating her, Amber must go on the run to save her own life. With the help of Milo, a mysterious man who is paid to keep her safe, Amber must find a way to stop her parents from chasing her. But with vampires invading a small town and the shining demon demanding to be paid in exchange for his help Amber's life soon becomes a lot more complicated.

I remember reading Landy's Skullduggery books as a teenager so I was excited to start reading the first book in his Demon Road series. It follows a girl named Amber who through some unfortunate circumstances finds out that she is a demon, and that every seventeen years, her parents and their friends must consume another demon and offer their blood to a demon known as the Shining Demon. I loved how this book started out, as it immediately showed the reader that something wasn't right and that Amber's life was about to change dramatically. I find that a lot of YA books seem to have a slow start, but I was immediately drawn into Demon Road and wanted to find out why her parents wanted to kill her.

I loved how action packed this book was, and that the majority of the chapters ended on a cliffhanger making me want to keep reading for hours at a time. Although I did love the book from start to finish, I did start to enjoy it a lot more once Amber and Milo started driving around the country. I loved Amber from the start, and enjoyed watching her gain more confidence when she was in her demon form. I also loved watching how her morals seemed to change too, and how it scared her when she attacked someone with no remorse.

Milo was an interesting character, and I was constantly wanting to know more about him as he was extremely mysterious. I loved the idea behind him and his car, and having them travel around America in a classic car reminded me of Supernatural. However I didn't feel as if there were too many similarities between other books and tv shows in this genre such as Supernatural and The Mortal Instruments, and it held out as being both original and interesting.

Although I wasn't too keen on him at the start, I ended up loving Glen and he soon became my favourite character. I always love the character who is the outsider and doesn't know what is going on, and although other people would probably find him annoying I found him to be extremely funny, and on more than one occasion I laughed out loud at his antics. I loved how he helped Amber out of some situations despite being the only character without any sort of supernatural power. Although it's unclear if he will return in the next book in the series, I really hope that he does as he gave some light hearted comic relief to an otherwise dark story.

Even though this book is marketed as a children's book, to me it felt more like a YA book. As Amber is sixteen and the book has some dark themes, including gory and detailed death scenes and some mild swearing, I felt that it had the potential to scare younger readers and I wouldn't really recommend it to children under thirteen. However I think that teenagers would love this book and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of The Mortal Instruments.

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