Friday 6 May 2016

Review on Megan's Brood

When Megan's parents decide to move to a different town, she is sad to leave her friends behind. However, things start to look a little more exciting when she finds a cocoon in the attic full of tiny creatures. Megan decides to keep her discovery a secret, but what hatches from the cocoon is not what Megan expects.

I loved the cover of this book as it reminded me of the covers for A Series of Unfortunate Events. Although the book is small and can easily be read in one sitting, it is both fast paced and exciting.

The story follows Megan, a girl who finds a cocoon full of what she assumes are bats. However, once they hatch she realises they are tiny human like creatures who all have unique abilities. I loved Megan's interaction with the creatures and how they learnt new things by mimicking her actions. The book keeps you on the edge of your seat, hoping that Megan's parents don't find out her secret.

The cover and the gorgeous illustrations give the book a middle grade feeling to it. However, I felt that some of the words in the book were quite difficult for children of this reading level, and that children under twelve would probably find it a little difficult. I also disliked the romantic subplot between Megan and Cutter, as I felt as if this would have been more suited for a YA book. Younger children are rarely interested in romance, so I felt as if this let the book down a little. I also felt as if Megan was the only developed character, and that other characters, particularly Casper, had potential to be something more. I was hoping that Casper would become a good friend and ally to Megan, so I was disappointed that he didn't have a bigger role to play.

I felt that combining themes of fantasy and coming of age was a bad idea for such a short book, and I would have enjoyed it more if it had focused solely on the fantasy elements. To me, the book didn't seem to fit neatly into either the middle grade or YA categories, and seemed more to balance precariously in the middle. I have read books where combining fantasy and contemporary themes have worked perfectly, but for me this was not the case with this book.

I loved the last chapter, as it was action packed and brought the book to an exciting climax. I loved seeing the creatures developing their own unique powers, and using them to work together. The epilogue gave an exciting insight into what is to come in book two in the series. Although I would not enjoy a development with Megan and Casper romantically, I would love to see more of Casper in future books and have him help Megan and her brood. I overall enjoyed this book and would love to continue reading this series.

Megan's Brood is now available to purchase!

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