Friday 1 July 2016

Review on Blue Lily, Lily Blue

After Blue Sargent's mother disappears, only leaving behind a vague note to her whereabouts, Blue must do anything she can to get her mother back. With the help of the Raven Boys, Blue must continue the search for Glyndwr while also searching for her mother. However things aren't going to be simple, and with the ever approaching death of Gansey, Blue must try to find out if it's possible to stop it from happening. Whoever wakes Glyndwr will be given a favour. However, will simply asking for Gansey's life be enough?

I adore this series and I can't believe there is only one book left! This book picks up around a month after Blue's mother has gone missing, and they still can't find a trace of her. However, her note gives them a vague idea, they know she is underground, and that could possibly mean she is with Glyndwr. I loved the high suspense throughout this novel, as the characters lives were put in danger multiple times. I felt as if this book was darker than the previous ones, as there were deaths of beloved characters which has never happened up until this point. I love that the characters themselves have become a lot more complex as the series has progressed, particularly Ronan and Adam, who's abilities have slowly come to light.

One of the main things I have loved about this series is the friendship between the characters, and this was definitely evident in this book. Although I do love the whole gang together, I also loved how the majority of the characters had one to one interaction with each other at some point. I particularly loved the growing relationship between Ronan and Blue, as although they hated each other in The Raven Boys their friendship has steadily progressed throughout the books. I particularly loved the occasions where Ronan saved Blue from falling and seemed genuinely concerned for her safety. Although Ronan vents his grief through anger, there is definitely a more vulnerable side to him and I loved how that started to come across. I also have to mention the relationship between Adam and Ronan. Although they are close friends, Ronan has a crush on Adam, which Adam knows about. I loved that Adam never forced Ronan to admit to it, and that he was flattered by it rather than feeling uncomfortable. I loved the scene in The Barns between them and how they had a plan to blackmail Greenmantle that they didn't share with the others. I also adored the scene where Ronan pushed Adam in the shopping cart, as it was a break from all the drama and showed that they really are just a couple of teenage boys who have been thrown into a world of magic and sleeping kings. It was evident that these two boys cared about each other deeply, no matter if it's in a romantic or platonic way.

I loved that more was learnt about Gansey in this book, such as him rarely staying in one place and leaving without telling anyone. The fact that he has stayed in Henrietta for so long showed that he really is determined to find Glyndwr and feels as if it's his destiny and the reason why he was resurrected. I loved the slow build of the romance between Gansey and Blue, and the fact that they couldn't kiss each other was painful for them. The romance in this series has been extremely subtle, and I think that's one of the main reasons why I've actually enjoyed it. I am actually looking forward to seeing how the romances turn out in The Raven King. Although the romance between Blue and Gansey is pretty clear, I feel as if the relationship between Ronan and Adam is a little will they won't they, and although there are subtle hints, it is very unclear if they will get together by the end of the series.

I loved that this book was full of plot twists, and so many things happened that I was not expecting at all. The plot involving Greenmantle and his wife was interesting, as I did not expect it to go in the direction that it did at all. I also loved that the boys were back in school in this book, and how their school life started to intertwine with Cabeswater. I also adored how Cabeswater started to protect Adam when he was in danger, and how he was able to tell where the ley line connections were weak. I also found the addition of Malory funny, as both Ronan and Adam disliked him and I loved how they got together to complain about him. I also loved the addition of Gwenllian, as she was a funny and interesting character, and I loved how she seemed to annoy everyone. I also felt as if she brought them a step closer to Glyndwr which was exciting!

I am both dreading and looking forward to reading The Raven King, as there is so much potential for things to go badly! I am very concerned for Gansey, as from the start of The Raven Boys we were told that he was destined to die within the year. In this book we learnt that it is extremely easy for these characters to die, and there is now evidence that the ghosts of the people that appeared on St Mark's Eve really do die within the year. However I am also excited for them to finally find Glyndwr and get the favours from him. Also, I am of course looking forward to seeing if Gansey and Blue will kiss, and if Adam will develop feelings for Ronan. I really do think this has been the best book in the series so far, and I hope The Raven King will be even better!

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