Friday 24 March 2017

Review on The Felix Chronicles #3 Tides of Winter

The time has come for Felix August to choose a side. Lofton's corrupt government is getting worse by the day, murdering the innocent people who refuse to conform to the New Government. The Numbered Ones, monsters of Lofton's creation are still on the loose, along with a bigger and more terrifying threat, the Deathheads. All Felix wants is to escape and not be a part of the looming war. However, Felix soon learns he is a central part of what is happening. Felix must make a difficult decision, but will he join Lofton, or fight against him?

I was so excited when I got an email from R.T Lowe asking if I wanted to review the third book in his amazing series, The Felix Chronicles. I was surprised to discover I had read the previous book in the series six months ago, so after quickly refreshing my memory by rereading the last chapter in the previous book, I was eager to jump straight back into Felix's world.

The book starts right where the previous one left off, so I was happy there wasn't any time skips between books. The previous book ended on a huge cliffhanger, so I loved that we got to see the aftermath of what had happened. This book was action packed right from the start, and instantly reminded me of why I love this series!

The knowledge of Harper's true intentions made me look at everything in a whole new perspective, and there were times where I wished I could just shout the truth to Felix. I felt as if Harper gave little hints through her facial expressions and reactions when things weren't going her way, which Felix seemed to not pick up on. I felt sorry for Felix, as he trusted Harper completely, and had no idea of her betrayal.

One thing that I adore about this series is the characters. I love that there are plenty of strong female characters, particularly Alison. I adore her character development from the damsel in distress to the all around badass who is constantly saving Felix's life. I loved how the stereotypes were completely destroyed, with Alison being Felix's best friend and sidekick, while the damsel in distress was Lucas. Although I still felt as if Lucas wasn't in the book enough, I loved alll the scenes that included him, particularly the graveyard scene. Although Lucas is not a sourceror, he still managed to help Felix, and I love how he always seemed to notice little details that others don't. I also love how loyal he is to Felix, and often puts himself in danger for the greater good.

Although I have talked about this in reviews of the previous books, I jut have to briefly mention the relationship between Felix and Alison. Although while reading the previous book I was worried Felix and Alison's relationship would turn romantic, that never actually happened and I was extremly happy! It is rare to find a friendship like theirs in YA books, and instead of hinting at a romance, I felt as if it was taking steps to solidify their friendship rather than taking it in a different direction. Unlike the previous books, there was practically no romance in this book, and I adored that it was focusing on the action rather than a romance.

Even though The Numbered Ones return in this book, I was more interested in the new monsters, the Deathheads. The only thing more terrifying than giant spiders is giant spiders that can fly and eat you, so the Deathheads were literally my worst nightmare! I loved Felix's struggle with trying to figure out which side to take, and I loved the message that sometimes choosing sides isn't as easy as choosing between good and evil, and sometimes you just have to choose the side that is the least corrupt. Although this is a fantasy novel, I felt as if the political side to it felt like a more exteme version of current politics.

One thing that I loved learning was that Felix's powers had limitations. Felix is far from perfect, so I loved that his powers were also not perfect. Felix isn't the perfect do good protagonist, and to me he feels more like an anti hero. Felix's thirst for revenge ofter clouds his judgements, which on several occasions stops them from extracting information from their enemies.

Thi book is probably my favourite in the series so far, and I am definitely looking forward to the next one! A character who has interested me for a while now is Carter, a young sourceror who has only just started to discover his powers, and has been found by Lofton's followers. I felt as if Carter was just thirsty for knowledge, and would follow anyone who provided him with it, so I'm looking forward to him finally getting a proper storyline in the next book. I would recommend all fantasy lovers to pick up this seriess!

Tides of Winter is now available to purchase!

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