Tuesday 13 March 2018

Children of Blood and Bone Blog Tour

Hello Majis! Today I bring you a very special Children of Blood and Bone themed post! I have to admit that this book may possibly be my favourite fantasy book of the year, and that's a big deal seeing as it's only March! I will be posting a full review in the next few days, but today I'm probably going to be ranting a lot about how amazing this book this, talking a little about my favourite character (because why not?), sharing what maji clan I would be in, and showing you how you can find out what your own is!

So let's start with the clans! Although Zelie is a Reaper, there are actually twelve different clans, each with their own unique abilities! Now I was given a quiz by the publisher that involved adding the day and month of your birthday together, but I always feel those are really inaccurate, so instead I'd like to guide you to the Maji quiz on the official Children of Blood and Bone website, which you can find HERE! This one is more of a Pottermore style quiz, where you get asked a number of questions, and at the end you get given a Maji clan based on your personality. Pretty cool huh? So I of course took this quiz, and the Maji clan I got given was... drum role please.

To be honest I feel as if this is probably the equivilant of being a Slytherin. At first I thought it was a horrible power to have, but then I started thinking more in terms of fighting an enemy, and I think it would be pretty powerful against the King! Being a Cancer seems like it would be pretty close to what Light can do in Death Note, and if I was fighting alongside Zelie, Amari, Tzain and Inan, I think being a Cancer would be great for getting information from an enemy! Teaming up with a Healer seems like a great torture technique (I probably shouldn't even be thinking of torture, but let's be real, the king would deserve it after everything he's done!) I also think I'd end up having a little fun with it, such as annoying my friends by giving them acne.

If you decide to do the quiz, then please tell me what Maji Clan you got, and what you would do with your powers!

Okay so I did say I was going to talk a little about my favourite character, and that character is of course Inan. If you follow me on twitter, you'll probably have seen me ranting about how much I love this boy. I will be talking about him in my review too, but I thought I could use this post to give Inan the spotlight. Inan is such an interesting character, and he definitely goes through the most character development out of everyone! Inan is the son of the King, a corrupt ruler who is trying to destroy magic once and for all. He ordered his armies to kill all of the Majis twelve years ago, and now treats the Diviners, those who were too young during the time of the raid to be Maji, as if they are the scum of the earth. Basically he's not a very nice person (understatement of the year!) and as Inan has been brought up under his rule, he has also grown up with his fathers prejudices against the Diviners. However, after meeting Zelie, Inan slowly discovers that the Maji aren't the evil monsters his father had always told him they were. I think one of the reasons why I loved Inan so much was that he reminded me of one of my all time favourite characters, Draco Malfoy. If Draco had had a positive influence like Zelie in his life, I feel as if he would have turned out like Inan. I feel as if there is a difference between characters who are openly prejudiced, and characters who don't know any better, as that's how they were brought up, and they haven't had much experience of the real world to learn that what they have been taught is wrong. As children, we often think that what our parents tell us has to be right. They are the main influence in our lives, and sadly not all parents are good people, but as children we don't realise this. As Inan experiences more of the real world, he discovers the truth, and learns that it's not really the Maji who are the enemy, it's his father. Sadly the real world is also full of the hatred and racism that we see in Children of Blood and Bone, and I think the book gives a positive message that we must rise about the hatred, as only by working together can we overcome it.

I will be typing up a full review in the next few days so look forward to that! Please feel free to talk to me about this book as I honestly just want to rant to someone about how great it is! Let me know your Maji clan and your favourite character in the comments, or you can always talk to me on twitter, as I will always happily talk about books!

If you haven't already grabbed up a copy of Children of Blood and Bone, then here are a few links to where you can purchase a copy!

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