Saturday 3 November 2018

Review on The Dark Lands #3 War of the Sentinels

While in the midst of battle with The Dark Man and his army, Sundown suddenly finds herself thrown into an alternate Glorian. Sundown soon discovers she has fallen through a rift into the past, where people she knows to be dead are still living, and where no one seems to know who she is. Sundown is desperate to get back to her brother Webb, but she soon has even bigger problems. The rift she came through is still open, and it won't be long before The Dark Man finds a way to attack Glorian in both timelines.

So this books follows my favourite character, Sundown! As the previous books focused more on her brother, I was looking forward to learning more about Sundown. Most of the characters from the first two books were left behind in this one, but we were introduced to a few new characters, and some of the characters that had been around in the background of the previous books had more prominent roles. Out of the new characters, my favourite had to be Lucien. We are told in the second book that Lucien is dead, so it was a little bittersweet to see him in this book and knowing his fate. There are a few things that weren't properly explained in the first two books that were elaborated on, such as how Lucien died, how Kane got the scar on his face, and how the Sentinels had been wiped out. I loved how these minor details were explained, as it showed just how well this series has been planned from the start, and how nothing was just a coincidence.

There were a few things that I felt were a little too obvious. There is a big reveal near the end involving Sundown's fate that I had worked out towards the middle of the book that ruined the shock value. Although my predicion was slightly off, the end result was pretty much the same. I love plot twists that are able to surprise me, but sadly this wasn't one of them.

This book was a lot more wibbly wobbly timey wimey than the others, and although I love time travel stories, I was confused quite a lot of the time. I think being a little confused is almost inevitable with time travel stories, so although it didn't bother me too much, I did end up overthinking and trying to make sense of everything.

Something that I loved was how we were told more about The Dark Man. Up until now he had been completely mysterious, but this book delves into his past and shows us how he got to this point. I loved that he had had multiple lives on Earth as various evil dictators, causing as much war and chaos as possible throughout the centuries. It made him a much scarier character, as he was shown to be all powerful and have no remorse.

I loved all the new abilites that were introduced and I particularly loved that Sundown was a Time-Walker, and could manipulate her surroundings while time was frozen. I also loved the Acidics, Glorians who were able to control and manipulate fire. Out of all the abilities, I think I would want to be a Reclaimer, as I am constantly making stupid decisions that I wish I could take back!

There are still a lot of problems for the Glorians to solve, and I'm looking forward to reading the final book in the series to see how everything will end. I'm hoping that Fangus will become a more central character, as I found the fact he had changed sides interesting. I would love for him to return to Glorian or act as a double agent, as I'm sure he will have inside informaton on The Dark Man. I'm looking forward to seeing how The Dark Man will be defeated, and if Webb will eventually make it back to the real world

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