Monday 7 January 2019

Almost Midnight- mini review

As this book is a collection of two short stories, I thought I would give it a mini review! I read both of these stories in one sitting and loved them both. The first story, Midnight, follows Mags, a girl who has to watch her best friend and crush kiss a different girl on New Year's Eve year after year. This story was incredibly sweet and even though it was obvious where the story was heading I still loved it.

The second story, Kindred Spirits was my favourite of the two. It follows Elena, a Star Wars fan who decides to queue up days in advance of the midnight premiere of The Force Awakens. Despite expecting to camp out with a big group of other fans, Elena is disappointed to discover there are only two other people in line. As a Star Wars fan myself I found Elena relatable, and I loved all of the Star Wars references. Elena's mum constantly checking up on her was too relatable, as my mum did exactly the same thing when I queued for hours to get a good spot at a BTS concert. As I also look younger than I really am and love Star Wars, I think I would be good friends with Elena! I loved how even though the experience wasn't what Elena was expecting, she still enjoyed it. I also loved how Elena and Gabe had Star Wars in common despite being part of different social circles.
I loved these stories and recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick and light-hearted festive read!

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