Thursday 30 April 2020

Review on Simply the Quest

Elliot Hooper may have recovered one of the Chaos Stones, but his problems are far from over. Thanatos is still at large, and if Elliot is to stop him he must find the other three stones before Thanatos does. To make matters worse, Elliot’s mum’s health seems to be getting worse, and Thanatos’ promise to make her better is always at the back of Elliot’s mind. Elliot must decide if he is going to trust the God’s, or go behind their backs and join Thanatos.

After reading Who Let the God’s Out?, I just had to continue this series! The book continues a few weeks after the first one finished, with Zeus extremely reluctant to talk about who was at the door on Christmas Day. Usually, when a book ends on a cliffhanger we have a continuation almost immediately in the sequel, so I actually loved that we were made to wait a little longer before finding out. I loved Zeus’ overreaction to their unwanted visitor, and the majority of the God’s being unable to leave Home Farm meant things became even more difficult for Elliot and Virgo.

Speaking of unwanted guests, Elliot hasn’t got rid of his horrible neighbour for good, and she is still determined to get her mits on his house. Although she is more of an annoyance in this book than a real threat, Mrs Porshley Plum is still pretty obnoxious, especially when she teams up with the equally horrible Mr. Boil, Elliot’s history teacher. They reminded me of the villains in Home Alone as they were funny and over the top and were outsmarted easily.

The characters continued to be developed in this book, and I particularly loved the growing friendship between Elliot and Hermes. Hermes became like an older brother to Elliot, and was always there for him when he started to feel down, and I particularly loved the scene where Hermes took Elliot flying. I loved that Hermes helped to lessen Elliot’s burdens and was always around to help with looking after his mum. I also loved the friendship that was developing between Elliot and Virgo. These two are always hilarious together, and I loved the scenes where Elliot tried to explain jokes to her.

Something I loved about the first book was that despite all the adventures, Elliot’s home life isn’t perfect. Along with worrying about his mum’s health, Elliot has even more to worry about when a letter from his dad arrives. As Elliot had presumed he had died, he is surprised to learn his dad is actually in jail and has been for the past ten years. This was an interesting addition to the story, and Elliot goes through a range of emotions from hating his dad for being a criminal to wanting to find something that would justify his actions. Even though the God’s do their best to help, they are a little out of touch with reality and don’t understand all of Elliot’s problems. It’s easy to sympathize with Elliot, as he is only thirteen and should have a responsible adult to take care of him, but instead, he is the one taking care of his mum.

 Elliot starts to have intrusive thoughts which he refers to as his “dark voice” which include thinking that his mum is a burden and wondering what it would be like to give Thanatos the Chaos Stones in exchange for his mums health. I found this quite relatable, as I think everyone has thoughts like Elliot’s when a situation is particularly upsetting or stressful. I loved the scene towards the end of the book where Elliot was clearly torn about what to do for the best. It was brilliant at bringing to light the internal struggle Elliot has been going through, and how things aren’t always as simple as good vs evil.

Like the first book, this one was packed full of jokes and hilarious moments, but I particularly loved Elliot’s second meeting with the Queen and getting to meet the rest of the Royal Family. I won’t spoil what happens, but the interaction between Prince George and Nyx was amazing. Speaking of Nyx, she was terrifying! I find Hypnos and Thanatos to be quite silly, but Nyx had a completely different attitude and felt like a real and terrifying threat. Honestly, I would take Thanatos over Nyx any day!

This was a fantastic sequel, and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series. As there are four books, my guess is that Elliot is going to find a new chaos stone in each book and wield the power against Thanatos, but of course, things are going to go horribly wrong before then! I’m also looking forward to meeting Elliot’s dad and seeing what kind of impact he makes. I feel like this series will only get better!

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