Friday 31 January 2014

The Fault In Our Stars trailer

So I realize this isn't a book review but it's a movie trailer of an adaptation of a book that I really love so I'm posting this anyway. So without further ado I present to you The Fault in Our Stars trailer!! I've been worried about this movie as I really love the book and I hate it when movies stray so far away from the plot of the book that it doesn't even seem like the same story. I wasn't too keen on the actor choices at first, and seeing promotional pictures of Hazel without her oxygen tank worried me, but after seeing the trailer my worries have been set aside and I am really looking forward to seeing it. My only problem now is that the release date is five months away and waiting for so long is going to kill me, but I know that the wait will be worth it to see Hazel and Augustus come to life. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments and remember, DFTBA.

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