Friday 26 June 2015

Review on Ascension #2 Implanted

After escaping from the underground city of Impervious, Fran is happy to finally be reunited with her parents. However, hundreds of people still live in the city, including her brother Ted and fellow rebel Pete. Fran knows she must come up with a plan to help them escape, but with the Impervious water supply being tainted with tracking devices, Fran risks being caught if she is to renter the city. With the help of her new friend Retter, a boy who was born on the Outside, Fran must find a way to help the citizens escape before they succumb to the sickness.

I was extremely excited to find an email from Heather sitting in my inbox asking me if I wanted to review the second book in her Ascension series, and of course I jumped at the chance! I adored the unique dystopian world she created in 'Impervious' and I was eager to find out what Fran's life would be like after escaping the city.

Although most novels have a slow start and work their way up to the action, this was not the case with Implanted. The book was action packed from start to finish, and was difficult to put down. The short chapters were extremely effective, as I was constantly telling myself that I would just read one more before putting the book down, but of course just one more turned into just ten more. The majority of the chapters ended with a cliffhanger, making it even more impossible to stop reading.

At first I thought the changes in point of view was strange, as Retter and Fran were together, and the story is told in a third person narrative. However the reason behind this became apparent when Retter and Fran went their separate ways. For the start of the novel I was a lot more interested in Retter's storyline, and found myself uninterested in Fran and wanting to get her chapters over with quickly to get back to Retter. However I eventually became immersed in both of the storylines, enjoying both Fran and Retter's journey equally.

I loved Retter's new friendship with Pete, and how they worked together to get things done. I was expecting a typical love triangle to form between Fran, Pete and Retter, so I was extremely happy when Pete and Retter became friends rather than arguing over Fran. The romance in this novel was limited, which I enjoyed immensely as the majority of YA novels have romance as the main plot point. I hope that their friendship continues into the final novel and that an argument between them over who Fran should be with romantically never happens.

The ending of the novel was extremely frustrating! Kindle's do an annoying thing where they include acknowledgements as part of the book, so I was happily reading along thinking I had 5% left when it ended! How could it end this way? I am convinced that Heather Letto is actually Satan. I never give out spoilers in my reviews, but I really wish I was able to discuss the ending with other readers. More people definitely need to read about these wonderful characters who I have fallen in love with. If you like YA dystopian novels, then you definitely need to read this series! All I can do now is patiently wait for the final instalment.

Implanted is now available to purchase in both paperback and ebook formats HERE

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