Friday 19 June 2015

Review on 'Ribbons of Death'

There is a legend of the existence of a Peacetaker, a child who can be activated once they turn eighteen to bring chaos to the world, turning people against each other in a murderous frenzy. The only person who believes the legend to be true is Stella Hunter, who has wrote a book on such legends. When a man with a heavily scarred face arrives at her door in the middle of a storm, her life changes forever. Stella must help the man to prove her theory to be true, and stop the Peacetaker before any more deaths can occur.

Something that I know I shouldn't do is judge a book by it's cover, which is what I did with 'Ribbons of Death'. I love Egyptian mythology so once I saw that was a theme I was eager to read this book. 'Ribbons of Death' focuses on Carter and Stella, who are trying to find the identity of the Peacetaker, who is slowly taking over the world by making the human race kill each other.

I loved the action packed sequences of the Peacetaker being activated and forcing people to become savages. Everyone has anger in them, and the Peacetaker's job is to fuel the fire by forcing that anger to boil over until the people are actively trying to kill one another. The scenes of violence were quite detailed and graphic, and it was easy to imagine what such chaos would look like. Each attack was in a completely different setting, from being inside an arena, being out in the streets and on busy motorways. These points in the stories along with the car chases Carter and Stella had to endure were my favourite points in the book, as I loved the fast paced action.

However I found parts of the novel to be quite dull, and found that I wasn't overly excited to get back to reading it. The fast pace that I came to expected from the first few chapters was short lived, and once the excitement of Carter meeting up with Stella was over, I was waiting for the next piece of action to arrive, but to my disappointment these were far and few between. A good part of the novel was Carter and Stella travelling round the country, hiring rental cars and stopping off at motels and gas stations. I found Stella's research to be quite dull, and although at first it was funny that Carter was getting bored by Stella's lectures, I eventually found myself to be in agreement with Carter. I loved the first hand accounts from people who had survived a Peacetaker attack and how they helped Carter and Stella piece together who the Peacetaker was. However I overall found their search to be quite tedious and would have loved if they had had more personal encounters with the Peacetaker, and that stopping him would have been less of an anti climax.

A lesson I have learnt is to abide by the rule of never judge a book by it's cover, as I was hoping to enjoy this book a lot more than I did. As I usually focus on YA novels, I think this book was just not in my preferred genres, and that although I wasn't overly keep on this book, others might have a completely different opinion, so I would still say to try this book out for yourself!

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