Friday 29 June 2018

Pride Reads


The sun is shining, it's not dark when we wake up in the morning and everything is extra gay, honestly could life get any better? Well it's about to, as I'm going to recommend some of my favourite LGBT+ reads to you! 

If you haven't heard of this one then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?Seriously bro do you even read? This book has been adapted
into a movie you might have heard of called Love, Simon,
and both the book and the movie are fantastic! We may have
a long way to go to achieve equality, but the fact that we have
a gay romcom showing in the cinema is a big deal, and I'm
honestly so proud. If you're reading my blog right now then
you probably already know all about this book, but I just had
to include it because I love it so much!

So this is the only book on this list that isn't YA, but the characters
are in University so are only a little older than your typical YA character. Every time I recommend this book, I do have to point
out how dark it is, as the characters suffer throughout the series,
and there are some horrible torture and rape scenes. This one
is definitely not suitable for younger readers, but it is a fantastic series with brilliantly diverse characters. Despite everything these
characters go through, the series does have a happy ending!

This one is a fantasy, but the main characters are LGBT and it's
one of my all time favourite books so of course I had to include
it! In short, this book is what Harry Potter would be like if Drarry
was canon. Along with the enemies to lovers trope, you get a gay vampire, a school of magic called Watford, and a dragon. Really
what more could you want? If you miss Harry Potter then honestly this is the next best thing.


Please read this book and appreciate my bisexual son Monty and
his gay boyfriend Percy. I adore everything about this book and
it's practically impossible to not fall in love with Monty. Monty makes some bad decisions which include stealing from the Palace of Versailles, getting chased across Europe by highwaymen and
drinking copious amounts of alcohol.
This book includes the friends to lovers trope WHICH IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVE. Honestly the romance in this book is the cutest  thing ever and you can personally complain to me if you don't love it.

you don't laugh out loud at least once while reading this book
then you seriously lack a sense of humor. The book follows
Noah, a teenage boy who is having a terrible time at school.
Things go from bad to worse when his best friend Harry kisses
 him at a party, making their once simple friendship complicated.
This book was pretty much perfection, and I've recently finished
 the sequel which is equally hilarious! I find that a lot of LGBT+
books are either serious or sad,so these are perfect if you want
 a more light hearted read.

This is quite an old book now, but I only read it for the first time
last year. It follows George, a young transgender girl who is
desperate to play the role of Charlotte in her school production
of Charlotte's Web. However, everyone sees George as a boy,
and her teacher doesn't even allow her to audition for the part.
I was actually quite shocked when I found out this was a middle
grade book, as I had never come across a trans character in
middle grade before. I loved how positive the message in this
book was. The suicide rate for young trans people is outrageously high, and this book shows how it's important for parents and
teachers to respect the gender identity of children rather than
                                 trying to force them to accept the gender that was assigned to
                                them at birth.

Please let me know if you've read any of these as I would love to kno your thoughts! Also I'm always on the lookout for books with LGBT+ rep, so please reccomend me your favourites!

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