Monday 9 July 2018

Floored Blog Tour

So I have something a little different for you today. As you may know, Floored is a collaborative novel written by seven amazing authors! MyKindaBook came up with the awesome idea of seven bloggers collaborating to create seven different posts in whatever format we want, as long as it celebrates the release of Floored. We were each given a line from one of the first seven chapters to focus on and base our post around, and my chapter 's first line was “The woman on the reception desk knew.” This chapter was narrated by Kaitlyn, but it made me wonder what would have happened if this first line had been another character! I noticed that Kaitlyn doesn't properly interact with Hugo until they are inside the lift, so I thought it would be interesting to write a fanfiction on what I think might have happened if they had talked sooner. This is of course completely my take on things, and has nothing to do with the actual canon of the story (which is far better than my fanfiction of course!) Even though Hugo was an awful person at this point, I actually found it really fun writing a fic from his point of view!

The woman on the reception desk knew. I could tell she was trying to be subtle, trying to act as if I was just another nobody kid here for work experience, but the way she looked at me gave her away. How did she know? It's not like my face is plastered all over the front page of the tabloids like my father. Maybe mother has been talking about me? She works here, so of course the woman would know her. Everyone knows her. She probably saw the name “Delaney” and instantly knew who I was. I mean it's not exactly a common name, not a name that people around here would have. I wanted to see the look of surprise on her face when I told her that mother was actually Margot Delaney, but no, she ruined that by looking up my damn name before I could even get the words out, then stuttered something about having to do some stupid health and safety thing on the ninth floor. She didn't even tell me where the lifts were! Maybe I should tell mother about how she is clearly inadequate at her job, I'm sure she could get her fired.

The lobby looks like a zoo. People are mingling around the lifts, watching as the numbers slowly come down to the ground floor. The thought of being stuck in one of those boxes with these sweaty morons for nine floors is making me feel ill, but climbing up nine floors in this heat doesn't seem like a much better option. Someone suddenly barges into me from behind, making me stumble into the woman in front who looks at me as if I just kicked her dog.
“Don't blame me. Blame the moron who walked into me.” I turn around to see who the hell it was, and see a girl with a blue streak in her hair like some sort of crackhead smurf. Seriously, how does she think that looks good? If people from around here actually do shit like that, the north is even worse off than I thought. She hasn't even apologised for nearly knocking me over, honestly the nerve of some people.
“Oi!” I say, waving my hand in front of her face. “You blind or something?”
“Yes, actually,” she says before looking horrified. “I mean no! I'm not blind, you were just in my way.”
Oh no, this chick is actually blind. I'm officially the worst person in the world. I'm not going to apologize though, that's not what I do.
“Well you need to watch where you're going,” I say, trying to keep my voice harsh. What am I even doing? I'm yelling at a blind person. But is she really blind? She's glaring at me, her eyes practically boring into my soul. Honestly if looks could kill.
“I'm sorry your highness,” she says, the sarcasm practically dripping off her. “I'll look where I'm going next time.”
Who the hell does she think she is? I swear she better not be here for work experience too. I don't think I can cope with a week in her company. Will everyone be like her? God, I hope not or I might just have to hurl myself out of the 9th story window.
The girl smirks, obviously thinking she's got the better of me.
“You here for work experience?” I ask, hoping to god the answer is no.
“Not that it has anything to do with you, but yes,” she answers. Of fucking course. “I assume I'll have the pleasure of your company for a week.”
“Unfortunately for me, yes.” Why am I even still talking to her? Normally I wouldn't give someone like her the time of day. I mean she's pretty enough I guess, but I can't look away from that stupid blue streak for long enough to find out if I'm actually attracted to her. My guess would be no, I mean I do have standards after all.
“Dawson Sharman is here,” she blurts out before immediately looking as if she regrets it.
“Who the hell is that?”
“From Dedman High. Sorry I just, he's a bit of a dickhead actually.”
“Dawson Sha-” I trail off as I finally recognise the name. “You're fucking kidding me, the guy who had the unfortunate incident with his face?” That's what he's famous for now, the child actor who got fucked over by puberty. Honestly I thought puberty was meant to make you more attractive, but Dawson looks like he got beaten with the ugly stick. “Where is he?” I stand on my toes to try to get a better view over the lift crowd.
“Talking to the guy with the bleached teeth,” smurf girl replies.
“Ah! I see him.” I immeditetly get my phone out to snap some pictures. God, he really is hideous. I'm pretty sure he looks even worse in real life. David is going to love this.
“Do you think he's on the work experience with us?”
“Doubt it,” smurf girl replies. I should really get her name if we're going to be working together for a week. Not that it matters, after Sunday I'll never see her or her stupid hair ever again, but I guess it wouldn't be too bad to have someone to talk to.
“I'm Hugo by the way,” I say as one of the lifts finally arrives. Thank god.
“Kaitlyn,” she replies. “Nice to meet you.

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